Top 10 Valentine's Day Cocktails

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to impress, enchant and spoil your lover. If you are planning a dinner for two at home, this is a great time to show off your cocktail skills and your extra effort will not go unnoticed, scoring you extra brownie points. Have fun with the cocktails you create with embellishments that fit the mood. Carve fruit into the heart shapes or garnish with chocolate covered strawberries or heart shaped cinnamon hearts.

Here are some favorite Valentine cocktails...

1) Strawberry Kiss
The Tequila Rose used in this recipe gives the drink it's pink color. While the chocolate liqueur and half and half smooth out the flavor for a rich Valentine's Day favorite.

2) Bésame (Kiss Me)
Bésame, which translates to Kiss Me, is one of the best cocktails for any romantic occasion. This tequila cocktail uses Agavero which is infused with the essence of the Damiana flower, a natural aphrodisiac.

3) Chocolate Martini
Indulge yourself with this light chocolate martini rimmed with cocoa and garnished with a chocolate covered strawberry.

4) Passion Cocktail
The distinct flavor of Grand Mariner mixed with cranberry and tequila make a Passion Cocktail an excellent romantic dinner cocktail.

5) Rosy Rum Cosmo
Replace the vodka in a Cosmpolitan with rum and add a fresh mint leaf for a beautiful Rosy Rum Cosmo.

6) Red Snapper
The Galliano in this cocktail gives it a pink tint, perfect for Valentine's Day.

7) Strawberry Flapper
The perfect fruit drink for two. This strawberry flavored Champagne cocktail is perfect for a romantic evening served with chocolate covered strawberries.

8) Kir Royale
Champagne lightly flavored with creme de cassis, a blackcurrant liqueur. This light bubbly is wonderful with a seafood meal.

9) Pear Champagne Cocktail
Bring Paris to the table with this Pear Champagne cocktail. Get ideas for your French meal from About French Cuisine guide Debra Weber.

10) Champagne Cocktail
The classic Champagne Cocktail will get the sparks flying. Skip the cherry and orange garnishes tonight and drop a strawberry into the glass.