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Fats It seems that part of the damage is mediated by triglycerides, a substance related to cholesterol, which is in trans fats. In animalesalimentados with high concentrations of these fats, were evidenced serious memory loss. For its part, the brain consists of a 60% fat, so if the trans obstruct the system, how the lubrication? The evidence is in favour of omega-3 fatty acids, particularly docosahexaenoic acid or DHA.

This proves that fish (Do you remember when you gave cod liver oil?), Is the best food for the brain. Not only lubricates and feeds the brain during its development process, it also appears that DHA interfere with the progression of states of dementia. Norwegian Cod? To finish the day well feeding your brain, consumes a good plate of strawberries and berries.

Animals that consume these fruits have shown improved coordination, concentration and memory than those who did not have access to them. The "Mozart Effect" The music can improve thinking. No, it can not be expected is that you increase the volume of a CD and become a genius. Some fifteen years French Rauscher, a psychologist at the University of Wisconsin in hosco, and his colleagues became famous with the discovery that listening to Mozart improved math and spatial reasoning of some people.

Even rats ran mazes faster after listening melodies composed by Mozart. There is, unfortunately, listen to the compositions of the maestro what happens, but some music, improving the work of the brain because it makes someone who listens feel better. Listen or read a good story has the same effect. Mothers good in action? But it seems that, as a variable, the music gives us something.

Children who received music lessons in contrast to those receiving drama lessons or no lessons whatsoever, paid better in tasks that require reasoning and spatial orientation. It is possible that music lessons stimulate a range of mental skills that require precise movements of the fingers, in addition to listening volume, pace and intensity, combined with the emotional dimension. No one knows at this time the explanation by insurance. But it is worth the effort. It is necessary interlayer in this place, that these phenomena learning that we refer to in the preceding paragraphs are very familiar to those studying neuroscience with seriousness of purpose.

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