Favorite Cookie Baking Experiences

Learning is so much easier when food is involved, especially a favorite sweet treat. A type of treat that has been very popular among children and many grown-ups is cookies, whether they are store-bought or homemade."Study bake" was my favorite after school activity as a child. At least once a month, when I came home from school in the middle of the afternoon and after a quick snack, I would gather and measure ingredients to prepare a dough for cookies.Then, I would do my homework or chores while my cookie dough was chilling in the refrigerator. After dinner, my sister and I shaped the dough and baked our cookies.

Sometimes, my mother would thankfully offer a third pair of hands.Baking those delicious, not-so-perfect cookies has taught me many practical and useful lessons.

  • Whenever time was not a constraint, cookies usually turned out as good as I would expect them to. That only happened when I was organized and managed my time effectively.

  • Paying attention to detailed instructions in a recipe, especially when measuring ingredients, insured a successful baking experience. A slight difference in the amount of key ingredients could have a significant impact on quality of the finished product.
  • Baking cookies as a team has brought my sister and me closer. Subconciously, we knew that the fruits of our labor would be more tasting if we shared fairly.

.My mother was particularly delighted whenever we baked because we were away from the television set and practicing a skill.Baking is still my passion even though it has extended beyond cookies. I especially love it when kids want me to bake with them. That's why my nieces and I are going to make cookie bouquets this weekend.

An easy recipe for cookie bouquets along with illustrative images are available at Cookie Bouquets - Edible and Thoughtful Gifts.Copyright 2006 by Trinh Lieu.

By: Trinh Lieu

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