Give a Gift Basket

Most of us struggle on occasion to find just the right gift for someone. It may be a new family member, like an in-law, at Christmas, whose tastes you're not yet familiar with. Perhaps you would like to get a new coworker a welcome present. When a loved one gets a promotion, you may not be sure what to do beyond the usual fancy dinner or gold watch.

If a friend feels down or your daughter is nominated to the Honor Society, a timely gift helps to commemorate the special occasion. Now you don't have to inquire about clothing sizes, ask subtle questions, or wrangle for pricey theater tickets. Just pick up the phone and dial your favorite gift basket shop and let designer experts handle the task for you. No matter who you want a gift for, whether an 80-year-old with dementia or a five-year-old just starting school, a gift basket specialty business can help you select the prearranged basket that will convey the right message. Often, you can help to create a basket gift of your choice, selecting colors, items, arrangement, and container in the size and price range you want.

Choose a doggy basket for your pup's completion of obedience school. Add a decorative collar with matching leash, dog biscuits, puppy treats, a soft blanket, a chew toy, and a ball for playing catch. Your pet will be delighted with your thoughtful expression of affection. You can even attach a small card "congratulating" your dog, and then keep it in a scrapbook for future reminisces. Get Grandma a gift basket with a skein or two of her favorite yarn, a new pattern she's wanted to try, a box of her favorite cookies with a special tea collection, and a pretty knitting needle case for her dresser or sewing kit. You might even include the latest photograph of the grandchildren posing and smiling.

For a coworker, why not assemble an assortment of office or desk supplies? A planner, pocket calendar, hand-held calculator, and a style guide make great options. Add a book on career inspiration or success-building videotape and you might well make her day. A pack of gum or a few packets of flavored coffee mix will add a soothing touch. When a close friend is homebound due to illness or a new baby, prepare a care basket to lift her spirits. Tuck in a romance novel or titillating biography, a commercial video that will make her laugh (since laughter promotes the healing process), a word puzzle book, hair jewelry, scented hand cream, and a small box of gourmet chocolates. When the word gets out that you like to give these meaningful presents, people will line up to get on your good side.

So put in your first order today and see how it turns out.

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