Growing Veal Without Animal Abuse

Let us discuss an interesting new innovation in the process of feeding the World. Researchers have found a way to grow flesh without the Chicken. Very good. Why is this good? Bird Flu Virus for one.

Let us look at the problems of growing a whole chicken simply to make the 'Chicken Mc Nuggets'. That produces a lot of waste for instance high in protein chicken feathers. In South Carolina Chicken feathers, carcasses and waste has polluted the water and caused flesh-eating bacteria to eat through fish and leave a hole the circumference of a quarter.Killing the fish. Of course this same flesh eating bacteria can cause problems to man.

With out the waste of the rest of the animal we can grow just the chicken breast meat. What an incredible break through. Some may say this is wrong, but it is the wave of the future and we can use this process to grow food for the world without growing whole animals to simply kill and waste all the other parts.For instance fisheries growing fish, no more left over heads and the waste we throw away, the bones etc.

Only pure Sushi. This waste is completely unnecessary. You can grow Mc Nuggets in small dishes the size you want them. You can make them as tender as veal or as tough as rump roast, by the use of electrode stimulation during the growth process. Think of it. Chicken without the chance of disease, without the waste, without the chicken crap pilled up in storage holes, which can flow into the drinking water during flood season.

Also we can do this with hogs too. Think of the Muslims calling for the banning of Hoofed animals in their meat. Now they can eat the meat because it did not come from a hoofed animal it came from a dish it was grown in without disease. Think if they put this protein in their diets they would be able to have higher intelligence, which would mean less chance of a few being recruited for suicide bombers?.Think of what we have here? Diabetics could have their meat specially bathed in insulin during the nurturing process for a small fee and get rid of those stupid needles. Think of the cancerous meat we eat from poultry and the steroids we inject in cows.

No longer needed just more dishes in a row. We can grow hearts, livers, kidneys, our food without pissing off animal rights activists over the baby cow veal. Of course those not interested can buy organic meat for a higher price grown by ranchers and they could receive more money for it. Thus allowing them to keep the family farm.

We could feed the whole world for pennies on the dollar. You could have your meat as tender as you wanted it and ease the digestive system of the elderly. Less disease, more production, less waste, inexpensive, feed the world, nobody starves? Sounds good to me. Whoops what will the religious groups and their voting block think of this? Look we have the power to feed the world, remove diseases, stop the pollution, steroids.

Everyone wins.This is a great time to be alive. Think of what we can do with this innovation. We eat and drink all kinds of chemicals in sweets, candy, sodas, cigarettes, etc. Why are people concerned with the choice of eating flesh that did not come off an animal, it will be made of the exact same yet controlled texture and DNA/RNA. But of course before we can do this the FDA and all of Congress will have to have long hours of debates watched on CSPAN.

By growing the meat for our food supply in this way, we can almost guarantee that the world will be free from so many of the diseases that plague us and we will be able to feed the world. The US Sheep Experiment can add this research to their agenda and when it works we license it to the companies that can prove that the can mass produce the meat growth in a controlled environment.

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By: Lance Winslow

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