The Best Indian Restaurant In London

The Best Indian Restaurant in London is easily The Bombay Brasserie in South Kensington and it is in it's own class. It belongs to the 5 Star Hotel Chain called The Taj Group, which is owned by India's largest and oldest vehicle manufacturer - TATA. Tata who also recently bought the Jaguar car company opened The Bombay Brasserie in 1982 - which is also by pure coincidence the year that I got married Alas ! This restaurant is extremely popular with Indian and English Clients and the Eat As Much Gourmet Food As You Like Sunday Lunch is only £20, which is a bargain by all counts for a 5-Course Deluxe Meal. There is a soup as an aperitif, this I usually miss, so that I have plenty of room in my belly for the rest of the scrumptious delights.

To begin with there is a huge range of starters, too many to put here, but the Pani Puri deserves a mention as it is Pure Traditional Indian Food and not available elsewhere in the UK. A good selection of Fish, Fowl, Meat and Vegetarian Main Course Dishes ensue with rice and Freshly Baked Bread. Then there are usually three or four sweet dishes, if you still have space you may follow with Western Coffee or Indian Tea to round off your Perfect Indian Meal.

Now that's not bad for £20 you must admit. Furthermore you get the nice sedate atmosphere, that only a quality restaurant can give you and the ambience has always been great on the many times that I have been there in the last twenty plus years. It's a Good Choice whoever you are trying to impress and the Service is more than acceptable, though I would not shout about it - deliberately understated I think. You may be interested in reading what the London Evening Standard has to say about my favourite Indian Restaurant.

It's Top Food Critic wrote the following: "Back in 1982, The Bombay Brasserie brought with it a sweep of grandeur and an intelligible interpretation of the regionality of Indian cooking and at a stroke altered the preconceptions of a cuisine that had long been immured in yards of flock wallpaper and all purpose sauces." Well if you are convinced, then pick up your telephone, and give them a call now - and find out what you have been missing for all this time, or you will never know, will you ?.

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