University Theme Parties

Your bags are all packed, you've kissed your mom and dad goodbye, and the car's waiting for you. It's time to say goodbye to good old high school and say hello to a new chapter in your life: college. You'll be studying in a university. This time, the classes are downright serious, the professors are stricter and assignments and projects are more difficult. It's an exhausting experience, but after everything you've been through, it'll be worth it. Even though you're in a university, you can't always have your nose in the books, can you? Everyone needs to have fun once in a while.

Fortunately for you, you can expect numerous activities on campus, like university parties, that can take your mind off all those excruciating exams and deadlines. University parties are organized for students so they can enjoy themselves between all their studying. Usually these parties revolve around certain themes, depending on the season, the holiday or the event being celebrated.

The themes for university parties depend on how they are celebrated and the activities and elements involved in them. Some are arranged by the university's administration itself, while others are planned by fraternities, sororities or university organizations. These can be very grand and formal events, or they can be small and very casual, serving the guests with only munchies and beer. Here are several popular examples of university theme parties celebrated by many campuses today. Toga Party. The toga party is one of the best costume parties held in many universities.

The students who go to these events try to mimic the practices during the ancient Greek or Roman times by wearing "toga" robes made from bed sheets or long flowing cloths securely wrapped and pinned around their bodies. The venue is decorated with vines, and the tables and chairs are covered with red and purple cloths to make them look regal. Party food usually involves beer and chips, but cheese, meat rolls and pasta are also served. Homecoming Party. This is a traditional party held in many universities as a sign of respect for former students of the school.

During a homecoming party, the alumni and former residents are welcomed back to the campus with a banquet, a parade, and a game of football, ice hockey or basketball. All the students and the faculty join in the festivities that usually last a few days. Halloween Party. University students love celebrating Halloween as much as children do! Parties are often held during this holiday.

The students wear their creepiest costumes, although some girls wear racy and naughty outfits. Just like regular Halloween parties, the party is held in a spooky venue, and the guests dine on "yucky" treats. Sports Party. Universities always participate in sports competition, and students hold parties either to cheer on their team or to celebrate victory. Usually, these parties center on just one particular sport. Students congregate in a venue that is decorated with their school colors while laughing, drinking and watching their team's game on TV.

Sometimes, the students also play fun games to make the party more enjoyable. Just because you're a university student doesn't mean you can't have a little fun every now and then! Try going to these university theme parties and celebrate campus life with your schoolmates. Go ahead; eat, drink and be merry!.

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